10 Cool Ideas to Escape the Heat with your Family

When we see those scorching 35 degree and above days on the weather outlook, we can’t help but sweat about it. It may seem that there’s not much to do with the kids on those hot days but here are 10 cool ideas that may assist you in escaping the heat and maintaining your sanity.

1.Visit your library: Cool, calm, full of books! What’s not to love about the local library? In the Macedon Ranges we have libraries in Kyneton, Gisborne, Woodend and Romsey. Check out their social media pages for opening hours and upcoming events.

2. Head to the local pool: A no-brainer, I know. Check out Kyneton Toyota Sports and Aquatic Centre, Gisborne Aquatic Centre, the Lancefield Pool, the Woodend Pool, and the Daylesford Olympic Pool for their opening hours and summer holiday program activities.

3. Explore indoor landmarks: Check out local art galleries and museums like: the Kyneton Museum, The Old Auction House in Kyneton, The Gallery in Mount Macedon.

4. See a movie or a theatre show: Head to a Mount Players production in Macedon or a Kyneton Theatre Company production in Kyneton. For a movie, visit Readings Cinema in Sunbury. Where’s your favourite cinema?

5. Go for an icecream! There’s nothing like an ice cold icecream or icypole on a steaming, hot day. We get our icecream in a cone at Woodend Icecream Co in Woodend, Gis Donuts in Gisborne and have heard rave reviews of Augustus Gelatery in Sunbury, just out of the Macedon Ranges. Where do you get your icecream from?

6. Shop with/for the kids: We don’t have any huge shopping centres in the Ranges but you could head to a variety of kid friendly shops to cool down, peruse, and, who am I kidding, you will probably end up buying something. Head to the Gisborne Village Shopping Centre which has a new kids gaming centre, Squishy Minnie Bookstore, New Leaves Bookstore, Karismatic Kids toy store and Little Think Big for art and craft fun.

Little Think Big in Kyneton

7. Lunch at a cool child friendly cafe: Know a great, air conditioned cafe that is child friendly? Have an extra long lunch with the minions. All the better if the cafe has an indoor kids’ play area or activities like 3 Little Pigs in Gisborne, and The Milko in Woodend.

8. Do some chores that involve water: Get the kids involved with washing the car, cleaning off the outdoor chairs with the hose or watering the garden. Try to keep the water on the grass for the aforementioned activities so it is not wasted.

9. Have some water fun outside: You could go old school style and let the kids run through the sprinkler like we did in the 80s, put the hose over the trampoline for cool jumping fun or fill a paddling pool and add plastic cups and toys. Other fun ideas include: having the kids wash the ‘dishes’ or their dolls in buckets of cool water; getting them to chip away treasures you have frozen into blocks of ice; or creating a slip ‘n’ slide. (Obviously you should try not to waste water if you undertake these activities and adhere to any local water restrictions).

10. Choose inside activities: If the air con is working well inside and you want some great indoor activities, check out some of our ideas in our Ten of Our Favourite Wet Weather Activities blog that apply for extremely hot weather.

Have we missed any other ways you escape the heat? Let us know in the comments section. Stay cool and take care in the upcoming extreme heat.

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