Ten of Our Favourite Wet Weather Activities

There’s some stormy weather coming in the next couple of days so here are ten of our favourite wet weather activities to keep the kids occupied.

Inside Camping: Take fort-making to another level by creating a tent instead, a campfire, and get some of those quintessential campfire foods happening. Marshmallows, baked beans and jaffles could be on the menu, or you could even have a go at making your own damper.

Treasure Hunt: Get those minds thinking and hands writing by having the kids make their own treasure map. Whether older kids make one for each other or you make one for them, it is bound to be remembered for months to come. (Hopefully for the right reasons!).

Activity Book: My children were lucky enough to be gifted some activity books made by our neighbours’ children. These were received with much excitement. If creating Wordfinds, Spot the Difference, Mazes, Dot to Dot and colouring in pictures are up your child’s alley, this could keep them occupied for hours. Once they are done they can swap them over and fill out the book!

Car Racing: The Matchbox cars in our house are always given a workout in cooler weather, even as my children get older. What started as a simple race down a ramp to find the car that can go the farthest has been modified many times. The current trend is for each car to represent an AFL footy team, play them against each other and record the results.

Letter Writing: Not all kids will warm to this, but making something to send to a friend or family member far away (or not so far away) is a great idea. Whether a letter or a special drawing, it’s lovely for the kids to have a purpose for their writing or drawing. It will be enjoyable to send the item by snail mail or hand deliver it. There is no doubt it will also make the recipient’s day, and perhaps prompt a letter in return!

Jumping in Muddy Puddles: Thanks to Peppa Pig, we are all too familiar with this. If it’s not too frosty, windy or wild, suiting up in gumboots and jumping in puddles will ensure much delight. The worst case scenario is everyone gets chucked in the bath afterwards and that there is a bit of extra washing. It’s definitely worth the joy on your little one’s faces.

Play Dough Baking Championship: Get the play dough out or make your own and get creating. We had all the cookie cutters out last time we did play dough and my and the neighbours’ kids were very imaginative making ice-cream sandwiches, biscuits and cakes.

Paper Aeroplane Target Practice: Get creative with your older kids making paper aeroplanes. Everyone can choose their three best and you can test them out by seeing which can fly the fartherest, highest, or hit a specific target.

Put on a Performance: Whether through a fashion parade, rock band, magic or dance show, get the kids to showcase their talents by preparing a performance. This can be as big or little as you like. The kids might want to put on costumes, create posters, make tickets and invite family, friends or neighbours. The possibilities are endless.

Vets or Hospitals: Have the kids get those toys or dolls out and create a vet surgery or hospital. Siblings of all ages can get involved in bringing in or treating patients. For the parents, it can be a great time to assess which toys are noticeably absent from the game and could get packed away or gifted to a charity.

What are your children’s favourite wet weather activities? We would love to hear your unique ideas.

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