Domino Trail, Trentham

What: The Domino Trail is a family friendly walking or bike track that is 12 kilometres return. Of course, you can always turn back earlier to shorten the walk if you have younger kids. We originally had the plan for some of us to wait at one end, whilst someone rode back to collect the car. To give you an idea, in the end our 10 year old made the return trip, our 8 year old did 6 kilometres, and our 5 year old, around 2 kilometres. (It’s also important to note that the trail on the Lyonville end is also more suited to mountain bikes, especially if it has been raining).

Where: You can start the Domino Trail at either end – from the Trentham Railway Station and Visitor Information Centre on Victoria Street, or the end of the Main Street in Lyonville, by the Radio Springs Hotel.

The best bit: The Domino Trail is part of the original railway from Daylesford to Carlsruhe and at one point in the forest the track narrows and is high above the forest floor. It is pretty amazing!

Picnic or cafe: You might like to take a picnic to enjoy on the trail or at the nearby park in Trentham. Alternatively, there are plenty of gorgeous eateries in Trentham and the aforementioned pub in Lyonville. Be sure to ring ahead to check that the pub is open if you are planning to eat there.

Toilets: There are public toilets in Trentham and Lyonville but none along the track itself.

Make a day of it: You might like to head onto Daylesford to check out the Lake on the same day or make a pit stop at the stunning Trentham Falls.

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