The Res, Macedon

What: ‘The Res’, or Macedon Reservoir, is a much loved swimming hole in Macedon. Many locals enjoy walking there, swimming, canoeing or simply stopping to relax and enjoying the ambience.

Where: There is a small car parking area on the Nursery Road side of The Res but it is not signposted so it is suggested you use your GPS. Here is the location link. You can enjoy the view from here or access the walking track (after hopping across a wooden plank across a shallow part of the creek) which takes you around to the Northern side. You can access the Northern side via a Four Wheel Drive track.

The best bit: This is such a peaceful spot when it is not too busy! A lovely place for a picnic. You may like to paddle with your kids in the shallows. The water is murky so obviously take care and exercise all precautions necessary. Our kids wear lifejackets when out canoeing or swimming in the water.

Picnic or cafe: There are no cafes close by so I suggest you pack a picnic or head to the Macedon township before or after your visit. There are no tables, so bring a blanket or some camping chairs to sit on. Don’t forget to take home all your belongings, including your rubbish.

Toilets: There are no toilets at the Res – the closest ones are opposite the Macedon Railway Hotel back in the Macedon township so go before you go.

Make a day of it: Visit Ash Wednesday Memorial Park on the way to the Res. Or you might like to head up to Mount Macedon to check out Stanley Park Playground and Waterfall, Sanitorium Lake, Camel’s Hump or the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross. If you are visiting the Res on the fifth Saturday of the month, you could drop into the Macedon Village Farmers’ Market.

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