A Day Out in Macedon and Mount Macedon – 10 ideas

Our beautiful mountain is the icon of the region and alongside the charming towns of Mount Macedon and Macedon, has plenty to offer for locals and visitors alike.

  1. Stanley Park Playground: This is a basic playground nestled at the bottom of Mount Macedon but is surrounded by a lush reserve and right next to the walk down to Stanley Park Waterfall. Pair your play with the bushwalk and a packed picnic from home.
  2. Stanley Park Waterfall: While this walk takes you down a fair set of steps before turning left up a dirt track to the waterfall, it is a wonderful first time bushwalk for little ones, as it is not too far. You can also view the waterfall from above. Seasoned walkers could do this one quite quickly, but it is a great way to get your green exercise in a short amount of time.
  3. Mount Macedon Memorial Cross: This iconic cross is just a short walk from the carpark at the top of Mount Macedon and the path is paved, so accessible to people of all ages and mobilities. Enjoy the views from the lookout across the Ranges and take in the fresh mountain air!
  4. Camel’s Hump: Another great walk for families with young children, the walk up is the hard part! The track is a dirt one but we have managed with a pram, although that was in drier weather (it could be muddy in the wetter months). The kids will love climbing rocks and hilly mounds along the way and at the top is a lookout with a stellar view.
  5. Sanitorium Lake: There are two entry points for this walk. If you have preschoolers and would like a shorter walk, drive to the Lions Head Road Car Park closest to the lake. You can go in and out on the same path and enjoy the lake without the long trek. Otherwise, the entrance from Day’s Picnic Area will take you on a beautiful nature trail and you can follow the circuit back to where you started.
  6. Macedon Village Market: This market is held on months where there is a fifth Saturday, which occurs four times across the year. It is another wonderful option to buy local produce and wares.
  7. Open Gardens and Avenue of Honour: Macedon has some stunning open gardens throughout the year which are particularly popular in Autumn, much like the Avenue of Honour in Macedon is. Forest Glade, Viewfield, Tieve Tara, Bolobek and Duneira are just some of the beautiful gardens you can visit.
  8. Top of the Mount Tearooms: What could make a coffee better? Perhaps a coffee while gazing out at a stunning mountaintop view? Top of the Mount Tearooms are at the farthest most car park up Mount Macedon and have a range of delicious food and drink options, as well as souvenirs and locally made products.
  9. Ash Wednesday Memorial Park: Located at 50 Smith Street, Macedon (just down the slope from Jubilee Hall) is this revamped park with gorgeous brightly coloured play equipment, including a multidirectional swing, flying fox and climbing frame. There are also picnic tables and a shelter with barbecue facilities. Toilet facilities are just a couple of minutes walk back towards town.
  10. Macedon Reservoir/Nursery Reservoir: ‘The Res’, as it is better known, is a popular watering hole on Nursery Road in Macedon where people swim, kayak and relax by the water. There is limited parking on the Nursery Road side where you can walk around the water’s edge (after walking the plank across the creek). Alternatively, you can drive around to the other side of the Res via unmade roads but we recommend taking a four wheel drive, if possible, or going with someone who has driven that route before. You can find the location in your GPS under ‘The Res, Macedon”.

Have we missed your favourite place in Macedon or Mount Macedon? Get in touch.

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