5 self care tips to help you enjoy the school holidays 

Liz Reichard from Sunranges Qoya gives us her 5 top tips for enjoying (or is that surviving? :P) the school holidays, and you can include the kids too.

  1. Take a deep breath. Or four: Seriously. When was the last time you just stopped and took a deep breath right down into the bottom of your lungs? Can’t remember? Do it now! Four nice slow deep breaths to bring you back to your body and to ground you. 
  1. Dance break: Put on your favourite song or turn on the radio and boogie. All kinds of dancing are welcome including in the car, sitting in a chair and interpretive dance! Dance like no one is watching. It is so much fun to move your body just for movement’s sake!!! Get the kids dancing with you. Set a reminder on your phone at different times during the day to just get up and dance. 
  1. Go outside: Have you been outside today? We can get caught up in the daily grind of what needs to be done and completely forget to go outside. Try having your morning coffee outside or take a quick walk around the block at lunchtime. Even two minutes in the sun will make you feel a thousand times better and ready to take on the next task. If you’re working from home, can you set up your laptop on the verandah or outside? I love working under my gum trees when the weather is nice. 
  1. Shake it off: Feeling funky but can’t put your finger on why? Or someone or something is pissing you off and you can’t think about anything else? Chuck on a song with a great drumbeat (I love using hip hop and belly dancing music for this) and literally shake through your entire body. Don’t have time for the music? 30 seconds of shaking will also work wonders. Try doing it before you get into your car at the end of your work day or when the kiddos are in that grrr mood you can’t shift. 
  1. Pretend you’re a kid again: Do you remember the first time your child saw a caterpillar? Or a flower? The look of absolute amazement and wonder of seeing something for the first time on their teeny faces? Go out into your yard and pretend that you are seeing it for the very first time. What do you notice? What delights you? Is there something that you’ve seen everyday that you can enjoy in a brand new way?
Liz Reichard of Sunranges Qoya

Liz Reichard is the face of Sunranges Qoya, a free dance body practice which empowers women to connect with their essence, embrace themselves as they are, and rediscover their ability to be wild and free. 

Find out more about Sunranges Qoya and how to book a class at https://sunrangesqoya.com.au/

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