Gated playgrounds in the Ranges

If you have a child who is a runner, or just likely to wander, you probably appreciate a gated playground where you can relax in the knowledge your child can’t escape! Grab your coffee and have a well-earned sit down at one of these gated-playgrounds in the Ranges and surrounds – you’ve earned it!

Woodend Children’s Park: This amazing playground has areas for kids of all ages but also includes a gated area for little ones. There are swings, a slide, sandpit and much more in this part of the park.

Gisborne Adventure Playground: Similar to Woodend, this playground has a range of equipment, plenty of grass to picnic or play on, and a gated area as well. There’s plenty at toddler level and a some equipment bigger kids can climb for a view of the park (or little ones with the help from a parent).

Jean Hayes Playground, Kyneton: As you come off the Calder, Bendigo-bound, into Kyneton, you will see the Visitor Information Centre on your right, as well as the Jean Hayes Playground alongside it. Grab some brochures to check out while the kids play. My kids loved the wooden train they could climb into. Kids who love cars can safely watch the road from the park too.

Malmsbury Botanic Gardens Playground: Conveniently right next to toilet facilities and across the from the bakery is the Malmsbury Botanic Gardens gated playground. This is a beautiful place to visit. The kids can have a play and you can all go for a walk through the gardens. If you’re lucky, you may even see a train as it goes across the Malmsbury Viaduct in the distance.

Lake Daylesford Playground: Set on the the edge of Lake Daylesford, it’s understandable why this playground is gated. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, watch the birdlife and if you’re up for it, you can walk, bike or scoot some of the track around the lake. There are toilet facilities close to the playground too.

Trentham Lions Park Playground: Trentham is another sweet town to visit, especially on their market day (third Saturday of the month) and then it is only a short walk from the main street to where the gated playground is on Quarry Street. Once again, the toilet facilities are conveniently right next to the playground.

Have we missed a gated playground you know of? Let us know.

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