Sunranges Qoya

Macedon Ranges Mumma is excited to support SunRanges Qoya. Qoya classes are run by Liz in Gisborne on Tuesday nights. Qoya is a free dance embodiment class for women, regardless of gender assigned at birth. Qoya is a way of getting away from the constant stream of thoughts in your head and instead feeling into your body and dancing with your emotions. There is no way to do Qoya wrong and the way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good to you.

Gated playgrounds in the Ranges

If you have a child who is a runner, or just likely to wander, you probably appreciate a gated playground where you can relax in the knowledge your child can’t escape! Grab your coffee and have a well-earned sit down at one of these gated-playgrounds in the Ranges and surrounds – you’ve earned it!

Maple Gallery Photography

Maple Gallery Photography has joined the Macedon Ranges Mumma Shop Local Initiative and is offering keyring holders half price for a family outdoor photo session in the Macedon Ranges and a complimentary 7×10″ mounted art print of your choice with any package.