Conglomerate Gully Walking Track

What: Having lived in the area for over thirty years, I cannot believe I did not know about this beautiful piece of wilderness! The Conglomerate Gully Walking Track is a fairly easy three kilometre circuit that makes for a wonderful family day out. The track features: a hut, lookout, conglomerate rock formations, and a seasonal waterfall. You may also come across various animals if you are quiet enough. Unfortunately, we were not on this occasion!

Whilst many reviews attest that this a short and simple walk, it does take a little longer with children. We took a couple of hours in total. My four year old managed to walk the majority of it and only had to be carried a few times. The track is not suitable for prams. Older children should be able to navigate the path independently and will enjoy exploring the rocks, sticks and hollowed trees along the way. Good walking shoes are a must though, especially if the weather has been wet.

Where: The walking track is at the end of Wheelrights Road in Riddells Creek. (Do not make the mistake of typing Conglomerate Gully into your GPS as that will take you to a completely different area of the township. I learnt that the hard way!). There is a minimal amount of parking space at the entrance of the track which is good to be aware of if you go with a large group. Only two cars can fit into the area.

The best bit: The kids most enjoyed spending some time exploring near the hut and lookout. The purple painted trees at the carpark were also a highlight!

Picnic or cafe: Definitely pack water bottles and a few snacks. We stopped for a drink and a sit in the halfway hut (which is not technically quite halfway, just a heads up). You may also like to visit one of the many cafes in town afterwards.

Toilets: There are no toilets so ensure the kids go beforehand.

Make a day of it: Visit the Riddells Creek Lions Park, lunch at the Mocha Leaf Cafe or head to the delightful Dromkeen for a full day out.

Halfway hut

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