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Who is behind The Spiritual Closet door? My name is Chantal. I am a Spiritual Energy Healer & Intuitive from the Macedon Ranges in Victoria. My extensive knowledge of crystals comes from years of deep connection and studying their healing properties. I have drawn upon the energy of crystals to complement my treatments in healing sessions and readings for many years. My extensive crystal healing knowledge and intuition will expertly guide you throughout your spiritual journey.

My mission to spread the joy and healing properties of Crystals: The Spiritual Closet’s purpose is to bring beautiful, ethically sourced crystals in to the hands and homes of as many people as I can. I handpick all stock from many suppliers worldwide and inspect each product via the wonders of technology. The products I purchase are of exceptional quality. My customers expect the very best and I deliver nothing less.

What to expect during your session: Being a psychic medium I connect via energy to your guides (or spiritual cheer squad as I like to call them), to navigate through the areas of your life that are holding you back. We all have intuition or that gut feeling we talk about but for a lot of people trusting that is hard. Usually because it involves making a hard decision or facing something we do not want to.

By starting the session with a reading we can then go in and cleanse and realign your chakras and remove any negative energy or blocks and create balance and clarity within your energy body. Before each session i set the intention for the information to come through that you need to work on at this moment in time and channel information that is needed. Combining this with what has come up during the chakra clearing, I then use my guides to communicate with yours to work through what is coming up. This part of the session is like you would expect any counselling session to be but knowing that the information is coming from a source that knows you better than anyone, your own personal guides or loved ones that have passed over.

Every session has a validating element, something that I would not know to allow you to truly understand that the information is coming from a higher source. Know that you, like everyone else has free will. The information given is exactly what you need do and know to heal and live the life you fully deserve but you need to really listen. There is usually work you need to do to move forward and whether you do that work or not is up to your fee will. Know that by following the guidance given it will give you an easier path to where you need to be. You will come away with a depth of understanding about certain patterns in your life and a clearer perspective on ways to change your current circumstances. 💜

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