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About: Katrina is a Productivity Coach for mothers. She helps them implement routine and structure into their homes so that they find an extra day in their week. Katrina is passionate about children doing chores and mothering children in such a way so as to send them out into the world as confident and capable adults who can be valuable members of society.  Katrina offers self-paced programs, group programs and one-on-one coaching worldwide through the power of Zoom. 

Katrina has nearly 30 years’ managerial experience at a global legacy airline, a background in psychology, counseling, human resource management, training and facilitation, applied coaching (executive coaching) and is an international award winner for her coaching skills. She is also an international award-winning, best-selling author. 

Keyring Incentive: 25% off everything except one on one coaching with code MRM25.


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