French and Italian with Caroline

Business: Caroline has been teaching French and Italian since the early 1980s, and since March, on Zoom. She will be back to conducting face to face classes soon at a venue in Gisborne. The classes are small groups of around 4 to 7 students. At present it is $15 per student for an 80 minute Zoom class, and when back in the classroom, it will be $20. Caroline will continue to make Zoom classes available for those unable to join in the classroom in the same time as the class.

Class times:

Wednesdays 5.30 pm – French Beginners/Intermediate

Thursdays 1.30 pm – French Beginners/Intermediate

Thursdays 5 pm – Italian Beginners

Saturdays 10 am – French Intermediate

Private classes are also available.

Keyring Incentive: Attend (and purchase) four lessons and get the fifth one at 20% off.

Contact: Caroline

Phone: 0438 432 065

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