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Business: Mini Maestros is an award winning business offering small group music classes to children aged from 6 months to 5 years old. Term 4 commences on Monday 2 October and runs until Friday 8 December. Classes are enrolling now with limited availability in all age groups and are held at our Gisborne Studio at 5 Heritage Way. Scroll down for contact information.

In Term 4:
Babies will continue to experience a diverse range of musical activities designed to cater for their developmental stages. Mini Maestros classes also serve as springboards to give parents and carers ideas for simple musical activities to incorporate in babies’ everyday lives. The best way to remember our songs and rhymes is to join in with the singing in class. Your baby will love hearing your voice! 

1-2 year olds will continue to develop their musical skills through a range of stimulating activities. Songs about animals, birds and fish will help extend children’s vocabularies and provide opportunities to use various props and puppets. Dances and other movement activities will help children to feel a steady beat and facilitate interaction with their carers and other children. Peekaboo songs will contain longer phrases to encourage children’s listening skills as they wait to pop out from under their scarves and surprise everyone. 

2-3 year olds will continue to build on the foundations set throughout the year. They will experience musical phrasing and form in songs and dances, and will do further work with their carers and other children in partner and group activities. Songs about animals and birds will help extend children’s vocabularies and their understanding of the world around them. 

3-4 year olds will participate in musical games and group activities designed to continue to build their confidence in singing. They will be given further opportunities to practise left to right reading as they follow graphic notation representing beat and rhythm. Children will be introduced to the beat with no sound (crotchet rest) and learn to demonstrate their recognition of it in familiar songs. Dances, instrumental activities and games will continue to help children learn about sharing, taking turns and listening to others. 

4-5 year olds will continue to consolidate their understanding of beat, rhythm, pitch and simple notation. They will move towards reading basic melodic notation by interpreting graphic symbols that represent pitch. Children will then transfer these short notated pitch patterns onto their chime bars. They will participate in a variety of musical games to further develop their singing voices and build confidence in performing for others. Partner and group activities will continue to teach children about sharing, taking turns and working with others. Listening skills will be developed through stimulating games and call and response activities. 

Contact: Jo Irwin

Phone: 0417 703 690



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